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Visual Art Portfolio Prep: Building and Finishing Your Portfolio

In this class, students will develop their visual art portfolios and learn about artistic voice. We will cover how to talk about the varied approaches each student took to create their portfolios as well as the inspiration behind their artwork. Time will be dedicated to completing art submissions for complete portfolios as well as learning the artistic language behind creating a portfolio. This class is a great fit for any student with an upco... Show more

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5 spaces available
Four 4:30 pm 2-hour classes
beginning on Wed Jan-4
Teen Anime Artistry

In this 4-week session of our Anime Artistry series, students will develop their painting and drawing skills, explore their artistic style and their own characters, and learn about the origins and history of this popular Japanese style of drawing and animation. *Please note: We have a no refund policy. Be sure to visit our [CLASS FAQ](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/206) and  [COVID FAQ](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/152) page f... Show more

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6 spaces available
Four 5:00 pm 2-hour classes
beginning on Tue Jan-10
Teen Abstract Painting

.Get ready to leave your preconceived notions of art at the door in this multi-media course! Artists of all skill levels will explore a new medium and its use in abstract art each week as they experiment with a variety of techniques for incorporating it into their own artwork.  Students will discuss subjectivity and emotional expression through art, complete an abstract “self-portrait,” and leave class with an expanded idea of what art can be.... Show more

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6 spaces available
Four 5:00 pm 2-hour classes
beginning on Wed Feb-1