Lori Goldstein
Board President

Lori Goldstein is the senior manager of the Western States Arts Federation's Public Art Archive. She is responsible for the program’s long-term planning and product development to promote digital tools for the documentation, management, and public engagement with public art. Goldstein previously served as the public art and program manager for the Arts Council of Lake Oswego, Oregon. Lori studied as an undergraduate at Colorado College and received her master’s degree in art history with an emphasis on public art from the University of Colorado Boulder. In addition to her role on the Art Garage Board of Directors, Lori also serves on the board of Public Art Dialogue. Recent publications include “Taking Inventory: Digital public art collections and the challenge of physical distance,” a chapter published in the 2022 book The Failures of Public Art and Participation and "The Power of Play: A Conversational Dialogue with Risa Puno," an interview published in Public Art Dialogue.
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