Opposites Attract

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Black and white, big and little, positive and negative…join us in this 6-week class as we let opposites inspire our art! We will utilize color theory, texture, and a variety of mixed media techniques to play with opposites and create contrast and balance in our compositions. Students will explore the concept of positive and negative space through artwork inspired by Notan’s paper cuts and explore pattern and texture through mixed-media Zendoodling projects. Class will not be held on Wednesday, November 24th.

*Please note: We have a no refund policy. This class is scheduled to be in person. Be sure to visit our COVID FAQ page for up to date information.

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    Wed 11/3, 4:30 pm
    Wed 11/10, 4:30 pm
    Wed 11/17, 4:30 pm
    Wed 12/1, 4:30 pm
    Wed 12/8, 4:30 pm
    Wed 12/15, 4:30 pm
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    Mon 11/1
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