**A note from The Art Garage's Executive Directors (August 15th, 2022):** <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">Hello Art Garage artists and families, </span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">**Masks will be optional for all classes starting on August 20th, 2022 for all students and staff**. Please email The Art Garage directors: []( with any questions or concerns as we move forward in this new phase of the pandemic. Thorough, consistent cleaning, sanitation and hand washing will continue. </span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">Thank you for your ongoing patronage at The Art Garage. We sincerely appreciate your support of our visual arts non profit. Your support contributes to our mission to make visual arts accessible to everyone in our community. </span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">Additionally, thank you to everyone who provided feedback in regards to our COVID-19 protocols over the last 2+ years. We continually assess protocols in order to ensure the safety of our students, staff and community members.</span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">Sincerely, </span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">The Art Garage Co-Executive Directors,</span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">Katie and Abi</span><br> <br> <br> Updated August 15th, 2022 **Do students have to wear masks?** No. Masks are optional for all students during all classes beginning Saturday, August 20th, 2022. **Will students be inside or outside?** Classes will be held both inside and outside the building. Classes will take place inside for the majority of the time, but students may work outside during class for specific projects and media. The Art Garage will close its bay doors if external temperatures exceed 80 degrees in order to maximize the efficiency of our swamp cooler and keep our students cool and comfortable. In this case, entry doors and/or windows will be left open to increase air circulation. Kids' classes lasting 3 hours or more will take an OUTDOOR snack and story break during class if external temperatures exceed 50 degrees. Please make sure your student is dressed in weather-appropriate clothing for being outside during snack time and has sun protection if needed.  If it is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside or in the event of extreme weather,  students will eat their snack indoors, distanced 6 feet or more apart. **Will class be canceled in inclement weather?** We will make every effort to conduct all classes even in inclement weather. If a class needs to be delayed or canceled due to severe weather, we will post the delay/closure on our website, social media, and voicemail greeting and make every effort to email and call all families prior to the class start time. **How is your organization following social distancing?** The Art Garage is following social distancing by keeping students that are not living in the same household at least 3-6ft apart.  We have designated paint spots for story and snack time that are properly spaced out. Individual desks are pre-measured out to also be 3-6ft apart from one another. Whenever possible staff are also maintaining a distance of 3-6ft from students and other staff. We ask that you inform your child that friends need to also maintain a 3-6ft distance even if they have been in the same social circle outside of class in order to set the distancing example and ensure the safety of all students in class. **Can you tell me more about your current cleaning protocol?** The Art Garage is using guidelines and cleaning solutions put out by the CDC. Each room is set up with a proper mixed cleaning solution, rags and gloves.  Cleaning of high touched surface areas is done multiple times throughout the day. Cleaning of classrooms is done at the end of each class, including desks, cubbies, and materials. Hand washing is done before and after snack time and multiple times throughout class as needed or switching materials. **Are art materials being shared?** We are keeping shared art materials at an absolute minimum and disinfecting after use. **How is The Art Garage providing proper hygiene throughout the classes?** Increased hand washing and hand sanitizer readily available. **What if a child gets sick while at The Art Garage?** The child will be isolated from other students and will be with two staff members.  Parent or emergency contact will be contacted for immediate pick up. **What if a child has a fever?** If your child has a fever of 100.4 or higher they will not be able to attend class. **What if a staff member is sick?** Art Garage Staff will abstain from working if they are sick. If a staff member begins exhibiting symptoms during their shift, they will be asked to get tested. **Do I need to pack a snack and water?** Pack a snack and water bottle for your student(s) for classes _lasting 3 hours or longer_ and please note that The Art Garage is a peanut-free zone. If your student is enrolled in a full day class (9am-4pm), please pack two snacks and a lunch. In order to keep our students as safe as possible, The Art Garage will not be providing snacks or water cups. In order to minimize COVID-19 exposure, kids classes lasting 2 hours or less will NOT have a snack break.  Kids classes lasting 3 hours or more will take an OUTDOOR snack and story break during class if the temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above.  Please ensure that your student is dressed in weather appropriate clothing for being outside during snack time. **I do not want my child to attend, how do I cancel my registration? What are my options in regards to a refund?** The Art Garage has a strict no refund policy. Please call us at 303-377-2353 for transfer, donation and replacement options. **My child is sick, do I lose the money from my registration?** If your child is sick it is important that they stay home to help keep our community safe.  We will do our best to adjust your child’s registration to another class where space allows or make sure they have what they need to complete the class project. **I would like to speak to someone regarding protocol.  Who can I speak with?** Please call us at 303-377-2353 and we are happy to answer any questions. **My child is registered with a friend and in the same social circle, can they sit together in class?** No. You can inform administration of children in the same social circle, but in order to keep social distancing among peers all students' desks will be separated and students will sit 3-6 feet apart. Other children will have friends in the class or be making new friends and we have established this protocol for the safety of every child, child’s family, staff and staff’s family along with the general community. If there are siblings in the class that live in the same household they will be able to sit together if they choose. **I have children in different age groups.  Can we combine them into the same class?** Children need to be registered in their correct age group.