Teen Plein Air Painting at the Denver Botanic Gardens (June)

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This class will be located at the Denver Botanic Gardens (1007 York St, Denver, CO, 80206).  Let’s leave the four walls of the studio behind and get up close and personal with the natural world! In this class, students will be inspired by the landscapes and incredible flora at the Denver Botanic Gardens as they develop their drawing and watercolor painting skills. Be sure to pack water and sun protection - small portable camping chairs are also recommended!

*Please note: We have a no refund policy. Be sure to visit our CLASS FAQ and  COVID FAQ page for up to date information. If you are interested in financial assistance, apply for a Scholarship and wait for a response from our scholarship committee prior to registering here.

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    Thu 6/16, 5:00 pm
    Thu 6/23, 5:00 pm
    Thu 6/30, 5:00 pm
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    Tue 6/14
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