Mask Update

Dear Art Garage artists and families, Thank you for your support and patronage. Your direct support helps facilitate The Art Garage’s mission to provide accessible visual arts to our community. Although many places have lifted their mask requirements, The Art Garage will continue to require all students ages 3+ wear masks until students under 5 have an opportunity and access to get the COVID-19 vaccine (and time for it to become effective). This summer alone, The Art Garage will work directly with over 300 artists under the age of 5 years. The Art Garage believes it important to remain cautious to best protect our community and young artists. The Art Garage will communicate all class COVID-19 protocol changes as they occur. Thank you for your support, feedback and dedication to keeping our students safe. Sincerely, Katie Moran and Abi Ostendorf, Co-Executive Directors 303-377-2353 [](


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