Teen Parties

###### <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">**Unfortunately, The Art Garage will not be offering in-person parties at this time due to the necessary extra health precautions we are taking and the need to limit the number of staff, students, and others entering our building.**</span> At an age when communicating thoughts and feelings is often the hardest, art can be an outlet for teenagers to not only express themselves freely but to also discover a little more about their roles in the world. The Art Garage aims to create fun, challenging projects that provide a fantastic activity to build a teen party around! You can choose from one of our popular themes below or you may also contact us to discuss your theme for your child’s party and we will create a project to go along with your theme. Your child and their friends will have a wonderful time exploring art at The Art Garage. Parties last two hours and include an art making activity (about 90 minutes) and time for everyone to eat (30 minutes). **The Art Garage Provides:** A Story, Art Project, Fabulous Art Instructor, Fun Party Assistant, All Art Materials. Art Smocks. Table Clothes, Decorated board with guest of honor's name **You Provide:** Food, Decorations *optional, Napkins, Plates, utensils, candles, matches, etc. **Pricing:** $50/hour $50 set up and clean up fee Fee/child depending on art activity chosen: $10.00/participant for drawing and painting on paper. $12.00/participant for drawing and painting on canvas board $13.00/participant for drawing and painting on stretched canvas $12.00/participant for recycled art sculpture $13.00/participant for ceramics, firing and glazing. Please allow two-three weeks for clay pieces to be fired. We will contact you when they are ready for pick up. It is best to schedule your event at least 3 weeks in advance through the school year. For the summer we recommend at least three months in advance. A $150 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date and time is required which will go towards your party. This covers a two hour space rental fee (at $50/hr), staff to assist your party and set up and clean up fee. The day of the party you will pay the fee/child based upon the art activity chosen and gratuity is optional. You will also need to sign a Space Rental Agreement when you arrive. We will call one week in advance to confirm your total attendees, Minimum of 5 children and maximum of 20 children. We recommend 10-15 guests/party. No alcohol permitted at children’s parties. To reserve your party call 303-377-2353 today! We can also be reached through e-mail: party@artgaragedenver.com to answer any questions. Parties of 15 participating guests or more will include a 20% gratuity to the remaining party balance. Please contact us to discuss the project theme and medium for your party! We can create a fun, age-appropriate project around almost any idea, from space travel to ancient Egypt and can offer ideas on popular projects!