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Who doesn’t adore that little humanoid creature with the red pointed hat and bushy beard? Let’s take a journey to the underground world of the mysterious, earth-dwelling elemental spirit - the gnome! We’ll be using clay (our own earthen art materials!) to create gnome dwellings, garden gnomes, toadstools, and more to place in our garden or home! We’ll read gnome books and learn about gnome mythology to serve as inspiration for our gnome creations.

*Please note: We have a no refund policy. Be sure to visit our Summer FAQ and COVID FAQ pages for up to date information.

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    Mon 8/8, 9:00 am
    Tue 8/9, 9:00 am
    Wed 8/10, 9:00 am
    Thu 8/11, 9:00 am
    Fri 8/12, 9:00 am
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    Sat 8/6
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