Dear Art Garage Friends,

Art is powerful! It enhances and enriches individual lives and we need your support to fuel creativity in the Denver community. Colorado Gives Day is one of the largest giving day incentive funds in the country. It aims to strengthen the state's nonprofit organizations through online giving. As you make your year end donations, please consider including The Art Garage. It will be used productively as we further develop this dynamic organization and continue to work towards making the arts accessible to all.

The Art Garage is a non-profit organization which provides a neighborhood community center that brings people together through the arts. We support cultural, social and educational diversity. Our mission is to provide a variety of educational opportunities including art classes and art-based community activities.  Our instructors work to create a safe and non-judgmental environment which supports exploration of art materials, the discovery and strengthening of one’s unique visual language, and the opportunity to build self-esteem. In a time when the arts are getting cut from schools and other cultural institutions struggle to survive, the need for accessible art programming is more important than ever!

The Art Garage aims to serve the Denver community in an even deeper way through its program Art Reaching Kids (ARK). The ARK Program aims to bring the arts to underserved groups and individuals facing adversity. Three memorable quotes from our ARK programs are:

“I didn’t think I could have fun being sober.  Painting was fun. I was afraid I could never have fun again” -Young man struggling to overcome addiction

“I was having a difficult morning and didn’t want to come and make art. After being here, I feel more relaxed and have hope for a better day’ -Sativa

“The kids always had a better day when starting off the day at The Art Garage. They really enjoyed the experience and the positive alternative way to express themselves.”-Lynn, staff member from participating residential organization.

“Many of our participants come in the first day feeling hesitant and unsure of themselves because they haven’t made art in years or have had a negative experience with art. It’s powerful to witness their transformation throughout the program as they become more comfortable with the materials and find they have much they want and need to express. They often surprise themselves by the end of the program and appear to have a stronger sense of self-confidence.” - Katie Duncan, ARK instructor

Colorado Gives Day presents a unique opportunity for community members to support local non-profit organizations. We look forward to expanding our programs to reach more of the Denver community and your gift will make that possible! Donate Today! If you would like more information about programs we offer at The Art Garage, feel free to contact me; or 303-377-2353.  

You can also support us by doing your holiday shopping at and selecting to support ‘The Art Garage’ and .5% of the sales are donated to The Art Garage!

Thank you in advance for your continued support!


Katie Moran